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Brainy Box came to life because we wanted to create something that would bring delight and excitement into the workplace, for us that was bringing in healthy treats that we could enjoy guilt-free. Since launching Brainy Box, we’ve realised there’s so many ways to create happiness in the workplace and reach more people.


We exist to spark life in the workplace so that people can feel their best and be their best where they spend most of their time. And we do this by hand-selecting and sharing the best snacks whilst leading inspiring everyday discussions alongside thought-leaders around the world. We aim to inspire through our podcast Behind the Bbox and “knowledge bites” which include wellbeing tips, purposeful living, culture hacks and more.


Our healthy snacks are perfect for:

  • Catering- Whether it’s  for workshops or  planning days, keep the crowd smiling with our healthy snacks. From small to large groups, we have you covered. 
  • Guilt-free gifting – Celebrate a new parent, a career milestone or project breakthrough.
  • Your Office Pantry – Sustenance for anytime of the day, a tasty mix; 3pm munchies, working late or a bite to tide you over till lunch.

A Little About Us


I’m just like you, I want to make a positive change in the world. I care about the people I surround myself with and  always want to help others. I look up to people who aren’t afraid to take risks and stand up for what they believe in. Most of all, I value vulnerability and the courage to be yourself without changing to fit in to what ‘success’ or ‘high performance’ looks like to others.

I have fears too, I want to live every day with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. So I do my best to learn, grow and become a better person so that I can help more people and give back as much as possible.

Brainy Box came to life because I wanted to create something that would bring delight and excitement into the workplace, for me that was bringing in healthy treats that I could enjoy guilt-free.  I’ve realised, there’s so many ways to create happiness in the workplace and reach more people.

And so our business and brand has evolved, we’re now delivering #culturesnacks, bringing the little things that spark life into the workplace. Whilst I started this journey alone, I’m so excited and grateful I have an amazing partner now that I get  to work with. AJ (aka Ajita) is no stranger, we began working together a few years ago and I’ve been lucky enough to call her a friend ever since.



I am a people person, through and through. I love getting to know people, bringing out the best in them and facilitating a strong collaborative and safe space for everyone to flourish.

Creating new things and bringing it to life give me joy. I am in my element when I am learning something new and thought provoking, and you will likely find me sharing what I learnt in the latest book I’ve read.

I also genuinely enjoy working and I have been lucky enough to work in places that have had really strong cultures. I have worked in teams where it hardly felt like work; where I have made strong friendships that have lasted long after we’ve left the teams. Friendships which still last today and I know for many years to come.

When I look at those environments and why they worked so well, it would come down to a few things.

  • It was built upon small traditions we created; our morning coffee, lunches together, after work social events, birthdays celebrated.
  • We had moments in our day where we stepped away from work and connected as friends.
  • We all took initiative; it was never on one single person but on everyone to continue and strengthen these bonds .
  • It was supported by the leaders and the importance was reinforced

At Brainy Box, we want to help workplaces create these strong cultures which bring out the best in your people through small, daily experiences. We want you to not check the clock constantly waiting for the day to end and the weekend to begin. We want to create a place where you become a better version of yourself at work.

We want to spark life at work and have work become a place where you can genuinely be happy.