Empathy in the Workplace

We need more empathy in the workplace.

With multi-generational workplaces being the norm, it’s important we learn from one another.

Why do millennials seek and value and  purpose? Why does a baby boomer find it disrespectful when someone climbs the ranks with little work experience compared to their peers?

Speaking with Emily Jaksch opened up my eyes to why others think the way they do. Being passionate about anthropology, she gave me an insight into how other generations have lived compared to us.

As a millennial myself, I recognise the privileged times I’ve lived in; the digital era, flourishing economic times, access to education.

Our need for purpose and meaning at work stems so much from the luck we’ve had in being able to choose our careers, start a business with $0 capital and not struggle through a recession.

For us to collaborate and look past judgement we need to see past behaviours and and identify values instead.

Listen in to the discussion Emily and I had on the multi-generational workforce, leadership, workplace culture and more..